When it comes to choosing the right eCommerce platform for your store, there are millions of different considerations that need to be taken into account. Online shopping is becoming more popular than ever, and by 2021, eCommerce sales are expected to reach 17.5% of retail sales worldwide.

With so many options on the market, starting with the leaders such as Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce to OpenCart, BigCommerce, PrestaShop and Sitecore Commerce, you cannot be blamed for feeling slightly overwhelmed when it comes to making your mind. Not to worry- we’re rel="noopener noreferrer" here to help you with choosing the right eCommerce platform, whether you are a fashion, lifestyle or beauty brand.

As an online retailer, you’re probably asking yourself these typical questions:

How can I drive conversion?

What Content Management System is the best fit for me?

How can I provide exceptional omnichannel experiences?

Which platforms is the most customisable?

In this post we will introduce you to Sitecore Commerce, including its newest version Sitecore Experience Commerce 9, and discuss why it may be the best fit for an eCommerce store development.

Ecommerce Market Share Breakdown

Online retail is growing dynamically every year, and several innovations are brought to life. Having in mind advancements in AI, as well as providing exceptional omnichannel experiences, easy content management and driving sales, it may seem challenging to find the right eCommerce platform for your store.

Let’s rel="noopener noreferrer" start with an overview of the market share of the leading eCommerce platforms, on a global scale.

WooCommerce- 28.06%

Shopify – 9.67%

Magento- 7.91%

Monster- 7.91%

MonsterCommerce- 5.87%

VirtueMart- 4.36%

PrestaShop- 4.27%

WixStores- 3.46%

BigCommerce- 2.27%

OpenCart- 2.17%

osCommerce- 1.29%

Features and Benefits of Sitecore Commerce

Sitecore Commerce brings enterprise level eCommerce capabilities to the market leading digital experience platform. It contains cutting edge features such as automated marketing, dynamic segmentation, A/B Testing and personalisation. Sitecore Commerce can significantly benefit several departments of your business, by integrating content and commerce systems, helping innovative brands worldwide to power rel="noopener noreferrer" digital commerce growth.

Sitecore is the only eCommerce platform that continuously learns from every interaction to help you know every customer before, during and after the purchase- in real time across every channel. Sitecore believes that content and commerce are king, and the research that company has carried out, find that brands believe that fully comprehensive digital marketing platform can significantly improve online commerce. Below are the results of the research.

So, what are the main features that Sitecore Commerce brings?

  • Thanks to collecting and analysing data from every interaction, generates unique and personalized experiences for every customer
  • Thanks to machine learning, instantly anticipates customer needs and sends automated marketing messages from cart abandonment to order confirmations and personalised offers
  • Allows for easily management of multiple sites, channels and languages with a speed of wow
  • Allows you to get closer to your customer, by multi-channel marketing and scaling your campaigns
  • Sitecore Experience Commerce has six key business tools that help your teams drive successful commerce outcomes:
  1. Catalog Management
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Customer Management
  4. Order Management
  5. Promotion Management
  6. Pricing Management

Why Sitecore Commerce?

It’s no longer sufficient for brands to simply feature products online. To complete, your channels need to not just sell things, but to remember your customers, share relevant content and continually increase your understanding of each customer’s preferences over time. How do you deliver value-driven shopping experiences when consumer values are constantly changing?

There are several requirements that you need from your commerce platform, in order to personalise the shopping experience, and that’s exactly what Sitecore Experience Commerce can deliver. So, why it may be the best fit for your eCommerce store development?

Delivering exceptional shopping experiences to the right customer at the right time

Sitecore Experience Commerce allows you to deliver a personalised and relevant experience for each and every customer, before, during and after the purchase. Sitecore Commerce merges content management, commerce management and data about customer’s preferences.

This user-friendly platform helps you deliver relevant promotions and personalised offers based on customer’s needs, not just on inventory levels. It also lets you easily add new pages/products and manage the layout through drag-and-drop features. without the need to contact your developers. Sitecore Experience Commerce makes it easy not only for your team, but also for your customers, by aligning merchandisers with buyers’ needs.

A rel="noopener noreferrer" great example of delivering relevant and personal customer experience throughout all channels is McIntosh Laboratory, the website we have developed in partnership with Aumcore.

McIntosh has been powering some of the most important moments in audio history for the past 70 years. They wanted to relaunch their site in order to provide excellent customer experience for their wide audience around the world. They needed to showcase their legendary products, as well as brand’s heritage and make it easy to navigate for any individual, from young to old.

Sitecore seemed like the right choice in the digital world we live in. The new platform serves content in the best format for every device, allowing McIntosh to tailor and improve their campaigns, based on user behavior.

Connecting commerce with the customer experience

Commerce nowadays isn’t about the cart, but about the customer. To provide a contextual, individualized experience to nurture each shopper from acquisition to transaction and retention. With Sitecore Experience Commerce, you can use everything you know about your customers to deliver contextual shopping experiences that transform prospects into lifelong loyal audience.

You want to drive conversion not just for a transaction, but for life. Sitecore Commerce maintains up-to-date profiles and cross-channel history for each person interacting with your brand, from mobile and desktop to stores, mails and kiosks. This fully integrated platform includes everything you need, starting with ability to manage product information and inventory management to customisable cart, checkout and account creation.

Real-time Promotion Management

Sitecore Experience Commerce is a great way to define, evaluate and apply promotion to products with defined levels of granularity. It enables you to promote products or a collection of items, flexibly wit tags, choosing from 22 promotion out of the box. It processes and presents awards in a shopping cart in real time, as well as calculates bulk promotions.

The platform makes it simple to qualify promotions, for example based on channel, date/time, catalog, shop a or customer order history, as well as using coupons dedicated for public and specific use. The improved promotion management helps you deliver relevant offers in real-time, which can drive your sales and promote the right products to the customers.


Delivering value-driven shopping experiences is certainly a challenge, due to constantly changing consumer values. Sitecore Commerce has a lot to offer in terms of merging commerce and content, and continuous learning about each one of your customers. This easy-to-manage to manage platform helps you deliver real-time relevant marketing messages and personalised offers that tap new revenue opportunities. Thanks to all of these features and benefits of Sitecore Commerce, you are able to deliver standout shopping experiences on every channel, drive more sales and set your brand for growth.



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