Have you ever been close to checkout, maybe with only one or two items in your cart, and right before checkout at the bottom of the page there are a couple of suggested items you could add? It’s a very common aspect of online shopping nowadays and it’s likely these products will be a part of the lower price range of the website’s products. This makes the process of encouraging these purchases favourable as the act of simply adding them to your cart is quick, accessible, and financially enticing. Once you start to realise this occurrence, you’ll be able to see just how common it is.

Within this article, we’ll dive into this strategy, also known as point-of-sale (POS), which will need to be understood as an important factor in your own business’s eCommerce plan. as well as a vital way of tackling omnichannel point of sale marketing. For all retailers, especially giving the current global situation, this an essential part of your ongoing marketing strategy.

Omnichannel POS

Omnichannel point of sale marketing is an innovative method to help increase the number of items bought by a consumer which occur across all eCommerce platforms. The overall goal of eCommerce and point-of-sale strategies is to reel in customers’ to your inventory, while marketing to consumers who are already looking to make a purchase, as well as making the whole process from start to finish seamless and efficient to reduce cart abandonment rate.

Research from studies this year found that within the next 5 years the budget for POS marketing will reach $29.09 billion, showing an exponential growth as time carries on. This makes it a crucial area that businesses of all sizes need to be focusing on in order to take advantage of this system and stay ahead of the competition.

Ecommerce and Point of Sale Integration

All eCommerce businesses should consider optimising POS systems in their omnichannel retail. Consumers are looking for an efficient way to find desirable products and check out quickly and conveniently, they go online to avoid long, drawn out retail experiences and want to get what they want hassle-free.

In light of this, companies should be actively looking to cater to their consumers’ needs to increase the likelihood of increasing conversions, which would be why having POS marketing and systems in place across all channels is important. Below are some tips to get started with your own brand.

Mobile POS

Mobile POS: It’s been reported that approximately 82% of consumers have said they turn to their mobile device to do further research on a product. With this figure in mind, this gives your eCommerce brand huge opportunities to amplify POS marketing, and suggest more options to consumers. The POS company Square has been labelled one of the best systems to use for the overall purpose, making it a great option for not only mobile use but also desktop, tablet, and in-person transactions.

Retail: Specifically for North American retailers, incorporating omnichannel POS capabilities had improved sales in 2020 by 59%. For small retail businesses wanting to take advantage of this marketing strategy, Shopify POS hardware is a great system to use. This eCommerce and point of sale system allows consumers to pay affordable payment fees and gives your company innovative eCommerce tools.

Going Digital: Companies new to the digital world can find comfort in using Revel Systems for their POS needs. For restaurants, this software even has tools catering to this specific industry to better sort finances and create an easy experience for customers when looking to order out or utilise curbside pick-up.

Customer Service & POS: Customer service is a key factor in creating the consumer’s opinion on your brand, and there are actually ways to have POS stay on top of this support. Point-of-sale software company ShopKeep not only offers unlimited inventory tools but gives businesses help with 24/7 customer support, something all modern day customers want.

Large Markets: For larger companies such as Amazon, Overstock, and Walmart, the use of POS can help consumers browse through relevant options, as well as simplify checking out after shopping from a huge inventory.

Key Takeaways

Overall, point-of-sale marketing methods are a last chance opportunity to reel in consumers into purchasing more products and increasing sales. eCommerce POS, besides being a strategy to utilise all of your sites’ space, brings to light your most enriched content and helps keep your brand front of mind for the consumer on any platform you want.

Let’s review the following points from above:

  • Incorporate POS as your company goes digital
  • POS strategies can be great for both retail brands and bring convenience to their consumers
  • Added an omnichannel point of sale strategy for mobile use, companies are likely to see great ROI
  • POS is capable of helping companies with customer service


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