We are all quite tired of seeing the same kind of content everywhere, right? Especially after the birth of BuzzFeed, it looks like it’s all about listicles of cats and food and other cheesy stuff. Now, there is a paradox behind this: you want clicks on your website, still curate and/or produce content that is similar to what a million other blogs, brands and websites are coming up with. Why? What is the logic behind it?

I understand that blogs about industrial lighting have little to talk about – in theory! Look at the way GE turned engines into sexy things, for instance – but, let’s be honest, if you run a blog about travel and lifestyle you should be able to come up with something different from the usual “Ten great places to ski” featuring – how original! – Gstaad. Yawn.

Here is a good case study: Jetsetter. On their website you will find “Hotel deals and vacation homes”, but also a no-nonsense, unusual and cool blog, aka the Travel Magazine.

They create posts according to “The golden formula of content marketing”, aka “Inform + Entertain”

They have pretty interesting and catchy blog post titles, such as ‘The World’s Scariest Places’, ‘Cruising for People Who Hate Cruises’, ‘Travel Like You’re in Back to the Future’ and ’15 Must-Have Apps for The Road’, among others.

Their email marketing is on point, too. Messages are something you are not actually going to delete as soon as they pop up in your inbox. Moreover, they are quite appealing visually, and the copy is rather witty.

The social media presence is quite sweet, as well – especially their Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Check ‘em out.



Overall, a good example, showing that you can create content people want to share even though is DIFFERENT from what we see almost ANYWHERE ELSE.

What do you think? 

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