Magento Go to be Gone: How to migrate your online store?

Magento Go, a cloud-based eCommerce solution for small businesses, is to be shut down on the 1st February 2015.

Perhaps it wasn’t surprising for many. But it’s a real pain in the neck for the businesses currently operating on Magento Go, as migrating to another hosting is likely to be cumbersome. Particularly for those who chose a hosted e-commerce solution to avoid dealing with any technical issues in the first place.

Now, they have to pack up their belongings and find a new, ideal home somewhere else. So how hard is it to migrate to another host and which one to choose?

There are three important ‘assets’ that small eCommerce businesses will need to focus on, as pointed out by PracticalEcommerce.

  • Product database (including product catalogue and visual data)
  • Customer base
  • Search engine indexing

Instead of promoting the customers to move to Magento Community Edition, it has chosen BigCommerce as its ‘successor’. Here is the bright side of the story: ‘‘Bigcommerce (sic) have put on extra staff and added 24 hour 7 day a week support’’ for those who are considering of migrating.

Why should you choose BigCommerce?

  • Full 24/7 support
  • Special offers
  • Similar features to Magento Go
  • Some others (see more on AndrewBleakley

It is important to choose a new online platform with a similar navigation and user-interface so that you won’t upset your current customers.

What about Shopify?

  • It is claimed to be the inventor of online shopping
  • It will water your plants while you are not around
  • It loves you for who you are

At least it says so on their website. Besides, it also offers you 10% off and a 14-day free trial with full support that won’t let any information slip away when migrating from Magento Go.

Yet, it doesn’t mean that the process will be a piece of cake. So don’t leave it to the last minute. Start packing now instead.

What do you think?

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