How to LOSE Twitter followers in 15 ways

‘‘Don’t believe everything the Internet says.’’ – the monkey.

Today, our decisions are increasingly shaped by reviews and comments on social media.

How many times did you change your mind about a restaurant or hotel just because of a bad review by a random guy? Can you really trust what the strangers say on the Internet?

If something or someone doesn’t sound honest enough, people wonder whether they have sold their souls and opinions to brands for the sake of discounts and free giveaways.

What do most of the Internet users do when they face fake and untrustworthy information? They will probably never take them into account. They will simply un-follow them on Twitter and un-like them on Facebook.

Why do I have to listen to them if I think they don’t add any value to my life anyway?

If you are a brand in B2C industry, losing fans on Twitter because of your tweets is just a nightmare.

The infographic by DK New Media gives some hint on the reasons why fans are leaving your brand on Twitter.

The top reason is when someone’s twitter account is too ‘noisy’. If you are a brand, surely you want to promote the advantages of your product to beat your competitors. But too much ‘PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME!’ tweets without any interaction or whatsoever will generally cost your brand’s credibility.

Unless your intention is to sound narcissistic and self-obsessed, of course.

What do you think?

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