If I had to choose the most exciting thing I have done during my holiday in Tokyo this Christmas, then I would have to pick my experience climbing up Tokyo’s new 634 metre-high landmark, Skytree.

But one of the most striking thing I found throughout the trip was how common selfie sticks are, especially among Gen Yers.

To be honest once I thought that selfie sticks would end up in the gutter as I have rarely seen people using this new invention. As a tourist in Tokyo, however, I couldn’t help noticing how many people were posing and smiling in front of their phones in sticks including tourists from inside Japan and its neighbouring countries.

Image Source: Quartz | qz.com

So without any second doubt, selfie trends are here to stay. And big tech companies are definitely not letting this opportunities pass by.

CES 2015

The recent reports from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show confirms that this selfie phenomenon will not only stay but also be taken to the next level.

By ‘the next level’, I meant that some new technologies and innovations will eventually enable the consumers to master the science of taking the perfect selfies.

So here is a couple of innovative gadgets, fresh out of the oven.

  • Allie’s ‘‘720-degree connected’’ camera

Time to say good-bye to boring one-dimensional selfies. The next selfie trend of this year will capture not only your pretty face, but also everything else that is surrounding you (Yahoo Tech).

Allie comes in 3 models – Allie Pro, Allie Home and Allie Play, ‘’each pack 13 MP cameras and stream live 720p, all-angles video to mobile devices’’. Also the images and videos can be stored in Cloud up to 30 days.

While Allie Pro, which will cost $3,000, is designed for security and surveillance use, the latter two (which will be available from $500 each) are more consumer-oriented models.

  • LG’s curved selfies

Still struggling to find the perfect selfie angle? LG has come up with a solution for you. According to Quartz, LG’s new smartphone includes “Gesture Shot,” which is said to capture the perfect selfie easily with a ‘‘simple hand gesture recognizable from up to 1.5 meters away.”

Also, LG’s website says that ‘‘the display’s 700mm radius curvature delivers a truly immersive viewing experience from any angle, while the steeper 650mm radius curvature of the back is more comfortable to grip and fits easier in the pocket.’’ 

  • Finally, selfie drones?

For those who doesn’t want to miss any single opportunity to take a nice selfie photo, a successfully funded kickstarter, Zano, introduced a small battery-powered automatic drone that follows its owner around taking selfie shots with gesture-based controls. Though it hasn’t been officially presented to the public yet, Zano may be the future of selfie.

  • Sometimes a simple accessory will do.

Has selfie gadgets been taken too far? Sometimes a simple selfie accessory will do. Like Lenovo’s new selfie gadgets will enable you to take a perfect selfie in a dark environment.

One of the most challenging things of taking a selfie is the lighting, due to the low-quality front-facing cameras. You can simply insert this Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash into your smartphone’s audio jack.

But here is a catch – it may not work well on every phone.

There might be some doubts whether these new gadgets will be widely welcomed by consumers. But one thing is clear: the next generation and even the one after that will likely to keep on practicing the art of self-worship, using new selfie techs.

Speaking of sticks, where did this invention end up?

What do you think?

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