What a better way of looking for inspiration for the new season than following the advice of your favourite fashion influencer? In fact, 92% of consumers trust and influencer more than traditional advertising or celebrity. Statistics don’t lie and influencer marketing keeps changing fashion eCommerce.

Who actually is a fashion influencer?

It is an individual who creates mainly fashion content and has the power to affect purchase decisions of others, because of his/hers authority and a relationship with audience, whether it is through a blog or social media platform such as Instagram.

London has the busiest fashion scene in the UK and many people who matter in fashion industry visit the capital at least once a year to discover new collections and high street scene during London Fashion Week in February.

We have prepared a list of the top London Fashion Influencers to follow in 2019, whether you are preparing for a fashion week or want to know what’s trending in the fashion industry.

Benefits of Partnering with Fashion Influencers

Developing a dedicated audience is certainly a challenge for any fashion brand and it can take months or even years. And here influencer marketing steps in, which has become one of the most successful marketing approaches nowadays with its endless benefits, and here it is why:

Building trust and authority for your brand

Customers are more likely to believe and influencer than the brand itself, so it is worth beginning a partnership with an influencer and leaving brand advertising behind.

Excellent return on investment

Working with influencers is proven to be great value for money, especially when compared to other advertising activity. In fact, according to Tap Influence, influencer marketing content deliver 11 times higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing.

Content distribution

Apart from creating content, influencers are known for referring and distrusting it on different social media channels. If you have a great story, video or image that you really wished reached more people, it would be worth sharing it with a relevant influencer to widen the audience.

Generating sales

From the moment your product or service is mentioned by an influencer, sales generation starts immediately. New research found that 40% of people say they’ve purchased an item online after seeing it used by an influencer on Instagram, Twitter or Youtube. For better results reach out to relevant influencers who are active on multiple channels and established in the fashion industry.

The Top London Fashion Influencers

 1. Lucy Williams

Followers: 396k

Blog: https://www.fashionmenow.co.uk

She has started her Fashion Me Now site when she was still at university and changed it into her full-time job. She keeps her followers entertained by posting about her travels and fashion. Lucy has high authority in fashion industry and has collaborated with many brands, such as Love Stories or Missoma.



 2. Susie Lau

Followers: 451k


She has launched her Susie Bubble blog in March 2006 and now works as a full-time blogger, sharing her thoughts and observations from fashion industry. She has contributed to publications such as Dazed, The Guardian, Vogue.com, Elle UK, The Independent and The Guardian, and worked with brands and designers such as Coach, Louis Vuitton, Prada or Topshop.



 3. Carrie Santana da Silva

Followers: 165k

Blog: http://wishwishwish.net

She has been running her online diary WishWishWish for the past 11 years, becoming a full time blogger based in London. She combines her love for fashion, food, travel and photography and shares her discoveries with her followers and work with internationally renowned brands.


4. Tamara Kalinic

Followers: 725k

Blog: http://theglamandglitter.com

This 29-year-old blogger moved to London from Serbia to study pharmacy and follow her dreams. Now she writes about numbers of topics such as describing her daily experiences, providing beauty tips and showing her newest outfits. In 2017 she has won a prestigious award at Elle Style Awards and was named “Influencer of the Year”.



5. Frédérique Harrel

Followers: 180k

Blog: http://freddieharrel.com

Paris-born, living in London since 2015. She’s worked as a digital strategist in fashion industry, then a personal stylist and blogger. She is not afraid of bright colours, prints and patterns and this is what she’s known for.




6. Camille Charriere

Followers: 715k

Blog: https://www.camilleovertherainbow.com

She grew up in Paris and moved to London to pursue her career in law and finance. Now she is a freelancer working in fashion industry and has been featured by VOGUE, ELLE, New York Times and collaborated with brands such as H&M, Chloe and Acne Studios.



7. Lisa Aiken

Followers: 65.7k

After being a Fashion Director at Net-a-Porter, she has now become one at Moda Operandi. She responsible for finding new talent in fashion industry and spotting the coolest new brands and designers. Her feed is full of hot trends, new discoveries and wearable outfits.




8. Soraya Bakhtiar

Followers: 124k


Soraya graduated from the London College of Fashion with a Fashion Journalism Master’s degree, counting internships with well-known publications such as Elle UK and Tank Magazine. Now she represents brands such as Chanel, Topshop, Net-a Porter or Piaget. She contributes to product developments, works on visual identity as well as styling the shoots.



9. Juliet Angus

Followers: 313k

Blog: http://www.julietangus.com

Chicago-born Juliet is one of the top 200 bloggers in the world. Her blog is full of beauty tips, fashion insights, her travel reviews as well as London guides. This celebrity stylist is always seen on London Fashion Week’s front row and is highly recognised in fashion industry. Besides having a busy career, she is a mum of two and a loving wife.




10. Sarah & Philippa

Followers: 115k

Blog: http://wearetwinset.com 

These two best friends and stylists run a fashion & lifestyle blog, working in London’s fast-paced fashion industry. They provide the insight into their lives and daily looks and their blog is a destination for many of where to shop, what to shop and how to wear it. We are Twinset take trends and mix both high street and high-end pieces in a wearable aesthetic.



With platforms and channels like Facebook and Instagram, we, the people, essentially became the decision makers. With influencer marketing being brought to life, many fashion brands rely on influencers to help them reach larger audience and build trust and authority. Undoubtedly, this has become a new way of advertising and spreading content online, and these are setting trends that are followed by thousands or even millions of people.

Now, thanks to these Instagram influencers and their top high street fashion blogs, you should know where to go for inspiration on what to wear and what’s currently trending on the busy fashion scene of London.

For more information about running influencers marketing campaigns for your fashion business. Get in touch with us and see how we can help you.



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