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The importance of sustainability in the retail industry is globally rising to be a very vital consideration when creating a business plan. The integration of sustainability efforts is spreading tremendously, and through it, companies are not only gaining customer respect and loyalty, but also starting a movement in helping the environment. In this post, we are going to discuss the rise and importance of sustainable eCommerce, as well as look into some tips for improving your company’s sustainability from existing successful and sustainable companies.

The Rise of Sustainable eCommerce

Hundreds of eCommerce companies are taking the leap combining great products, with responsible consumption. The fast growing trend of sustainability is rising for all types of businesses around the world using strategies such as altering what types of materials are used, reusing materials, or simply just cutting waste out.

Within the retail industry, sustainability efforts are shown everywhere from sustainable retail store designto usingsustainable practices in retail. Sustainable retail stores are rising exponentially and the rise brings forward a whole new market to shopping both in store and online. Customers now are searching for these eco-friendly options regularly, and instantly develop a loyalty to brands who cater to that expectation.

The Value of Sustainability in Retail Marketing

Incorporating sustainability into your business plan is not only important to consider to improve the environment, but also so valuable for your business personally.

With the current trends of living a healthy, fit, and eco-friendly lifestyle going around, this time more than ever is sustainability going to be so beneficial to marketing your products. In fact, according to a brief by RILA, 68 million adults base purchasing decisions on their values and will spend up to 20% more on eco-friendly products. Also, for many, the deciding factor between brands for retail comes down to how the products are made and distributed. Integrating and understanding the value of sustainability in retail marketingcan increase your customer interest exponentially.

How to Integrate the Dimensions of Sustainability Within eCommerce

Retail, especially in eCommerce, operates with a lot of materials that are not necessarily needed, and honestly, might even be more efficient without using. To steadily integrate eco-friendly efforts into your eCommerce business, you can focus on improving 1-3 changes at a time and slowly move forward to incorporating more. No significant change will happen overnight, but slowly but surely integrating sustainable efforts will, with time, then bring you to the goal of being 100% sustainable.

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Top Retailers that Encourage Sustainable Shopping

AYooxgen: Using all organic and zero waste materials this global brand offers upscale clothing that is both eco-friendly and incredibly chic.

elborne: This US based company offers an array of casual and chic fashion with all their products being cruelty free and containing no leather or fur.

Reve en VertA boutique based out of the UK who sells luxury clothing ranging from activewear to jumpers. This company prides themselves on using sustainable materials such as organic cotton and are recyclable.

Reformation: This US brand offers boho and chic styles upcycling waste and using deadstock materials to create their pieces. How cool!

Ecoture: This Australian brand brings luxury items from hand picked designers that deliver both vegan and cruelty free items.

Antidote: This luxury brand based out of the US offers ethical qualities for their customers including Fair Trade, recycled, and vegan options.

Amour Vert: Offering classic and stylish items, this company from the US offers a wide variety of items using 100 percent cotton and all natural dyes. Along with that, they donate clean water to charity for every sale they make.

Tips for Sustainable eCommerce

Improving your sustainability within your eCommerce site is something to do one step at a time. Incorporating a few of these tips each quarter will dramatically improve your eco-footprint, as well as save you money in the long run. Not only that, but your company will also gain tremendous customer respect and loyalty for your efforts. Here are some tips to improve your eCommerce sustainability.

  • Environmentally efficient packaging (No plastic, go paperless)
  • Green shipping methods (Local pick up)
  • Rewards (reward your customers if they chose to use a green option such as getting an email receipt instead of a paper one)
  • Use raw materials (Organic cotton, vegan, etc.)
  • Recycle and reuse (Try to repurpose everything you use and recycle what you can’t)


To review, sustainable retailersare becoming more common each day and bring both respect and loyalty to brands who put forth these efforts. Be sure to check out the top sustainable retailers and use the tips discussed to try some out for your eCommerce business today.

Sustainable Retail:

  • AYooxgen
  • elborne
  • Reve en Vert
  • Reformation
  • Ecoture
  • Antidote
  • Amour Vert


  • Environmentally efficient packaging
  • Green shipping methods
  • Rewards
  • Use raw materials
  • Recycle and reuse

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