5 smart apps to make the most of your summer

London has reportedly reached 30°C this week, making the city almost as tropical as Canary Islands (minus the humidity).

Without a doubt, Londoners are looking forward to this coming weekend to finally solve their Vitamin D deficiency.

But summer days don’t always bring fun days ahead. I don’t mean to demoralise you, but we will still have some rainy days in summer. Your flight might be delayed, and there might be sleepless summer nights because of heatwave.

But with some smart apps like these, you can make the most of your summer.

  • Grilling

BBQ is a must in summer – to show that your grass is greener and your party is merrier than the neighbours’. But it is also the time when your skill is tested, and judged.

Grilling meat under the sun with the rising pressure from hungry guests is not an easy job.

Don’t you worry, there are apps for that – such as GrillTime, the Pit Pal BBQ and Weber’s On the Grill

  • Flying

Going abroad is fun. Planning it can be pain. But apps like TripIt can mitigate your planning headache by helping you manage itinerary, access to hotel confirmation emails and so on.

Are you planning to go home by yourself over the summer? The time you spend on a plane can be lonely and boring.

But this app won’t let you travel all by yourself. Planely can find you a ‘flying buddy’ who is also traveling on the same flight. Alternatively, if you are not a chatty person, you can find the perfect match who also wants to be left alone to sit next you. 

  • Gourmet

The beauty of FoodSpotting app is that you can find useful and insightful local food tips with pictures from global gourmets. You can browse local food and restaurants by location and type. So you can avoid disappointments in restaurants during your holidays. 

  • Getting Tanned

Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference is ‘‘your ultimate beach essential this summer’’.  It is a smart app that tells you the healthy way to get tanned based on your skin type, location and SPF. 

  • No holidays?

No worries! Why not utilise some networking apps like Lunchmeet and meet up someone for a lunch break in a nearby park? 

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