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M2P is a well-established consulting company with profound experience working with travel, transport and logistic industry. It has provided businesses with professional advice on human resource, information technology, business transformation and business operation. Today, M2P has more than 60 staff, serving for global clients in Frankfurt, New York, London, Dubai and Hong Kong.


M2P’s business has been experiencing remarkable growth and transformation over the past 15 years. While the nature of business has not changed, its expertise and knowledge in consulting have grown significantly beyond aviation to other industries.

In order to reflect M2P’s business growth and leadership in all industries, its website, i.e., the face of the company, had to be revamped and redesigned.

Our major challenges included restructuring its complex website navigation to adapt the business growth and making it responsive for table and mobile users.

(M2P’s previous website)

Strategies & Solutions

Our solution was to update the company logo to provide a fresh and modern brand image. Also, we set blue as the basic background colour to create a sense of trust and high-quality service on its website.

We think that an effective use of colour is a powerful tool to convey M2P’s brand personality and professionalism. 

Final Thoughts

As your business keeps growing, the webs design and content also need to be updated regularly to reflect the changes. If you don’t adjust your company website to the fast-growing business, it will eventually lose traffic.

Today, the first thing most consumers do to look for information is to go online. An un-updated company website has very little chance of being noticed on search engines because of its old web content. On the other hand, a revamped corporate website is more visible to clients in a specific market. Besides, your clients are more likely to choose a website that looks stylish, fresh and easy-to-navigate from mobile phones.

So why don’t you revamp your company website to show off your cutting-edge expertise?

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