A card-centric user interface is fast becoming the new ‘it’ design for web developers. But why? Why is it we prefer to shuffle and stack, rather than scroll and search? We’ve made a list of the top five benefits of your card based design. 

Start small, Work big – Mobile UX

Firstly cards work great on mobile devices, as a huge majority of your customers probably access your site via a small screen, this should be at the forefront of your UX design. Additionally, if it works well small, it will adapt well to a larger, desktop screen. Pinterest are rocking the desktop to mobile card race if you’re hankering after some inspiration. 

Hold me Squeeze me

Humans are tactile beings, we like to touch, handle and manipulate things.  Cards feel 3D, even within a website, they can be stacked, turned on their heads, sorted. In fact you only need a small side shadow in the design to give this 3D look.

Always remember to count your cards!

Spotify use cards on their web player to sort playlists by genre and mood. They reduce the data down to “upbeat” or “rainy day” forcing the user to click into the card. It’s just one more, easily accessible click through to help monitor your sites popular sections. 

Be creative – AirBnB

Leading on from this, reducing the data on each card supports the limited memory of the human brain. Adapting your website into a card design will break up the information on any one page, it’s easier to digest and much easier for a user to find what they’re looking for. You also have a great opportunity to be fun with your titles. Check out Air BnB for a little inspiration. 

When in social, do as the Tweeters do!

When relaying your website onto a social platform you also want the design to be sharable. Cards lend themselves perfectly to sites such as Twitter, being easily embeddable. We are also totally at home with the format. You probably have 5 or 6 in your wallet, 2 on your mantle piece and if you have kids, get nagged to buy them at any check out till anywhere. 

To recap:

  • Mobile is one of your most important assets as a digital company, cards help you utilise this
  • If I can touch it, I gotta have it. Manipulation and a 3D feeling is key to engaging your users
  • Card designs allow you to minimise text and monitor your calls to action more effectively
  • Think of each card as a mini page, a mini project and a mini opportunity for creativity

What do you think?

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