We do not want to sound like crazy hippies (even if there is nothing wrong about that!) but flowers are the future. The flower business is booming right now, so let’s ride the floral wave and let’s discover some interesting stats and marketing ideas to promote your Luxury Floral Brand!

The Luxury Floral Business is Growing

As the flower sector, in general, is growing, the Luxury floral business is rapidly expanding as well. It is true that due to the pandemic and all the sad havoc this unexpected and unpleasant situation created (cancellations of weddings and other social events) the flower industry took a hit (and it was not the only one), but currently, the future prospects are looking great!

The Global Cut Flowers Market is projected to reach £35 Billion by 2027, but apart from the obvious, this number conveys something else as well: Fierce competition! For the small, the medium and the larger businesses as well! For the florist down the street, for the online florist, for your Luxury Floral Brand; for everybody!

Some Interesting Stats about Floral Business

  • The United States is the biggest consumer of cut flowers globally spending approximately £1.5 Billion annually. The next is Germany (£1 billion), United Kingdom (£750 Million), and then Russia (£450 Million)
  • The UK’s freshly cut flowers and indoor plants market is worth £2.2 billion
  • UK citizens buying flowers and plants for private purposes account for approximately 60% of the total £2.2 billion spent
  • The value of the UK flower market is worth around $3 billion in sales
  • The British Flowers Week campaign, founded by New Covent Garden Market in 2013, has been integral to the British flower renaissance, leading the charge for the UK’s flower industry.

Luxury Floral Brands do Need Marketing!

Flowers can be bought in malls, grocery stores, super markets and flea markets. The very nature of today’s economy has created a market where competition is no longer limited to businesses of the same size or even sector.

For that reason, the creation of a solid customer base is key. Clients should choose you not only because of your flowers, but because of the bigger idea your brand is transmitting. It is about your product as it is about you. One cannot successfully exist without the other. Nowadays, consumers are not – solely – attracted by a specific business or product, but by a good story!

Size and capital can help but they can only take you so far; successful marketing and branding techniques can take you somewhere you have never been! The right Marketing & Branding approach will highlight your singularities, your differences and your qualities; it will not only underline why your Luxury Floral Brand is the best, but why your brand is the one! Today, to market is to communicate, to share, to be an active and beneficial cell in our community!

9 Ways to Market (make) your Floral Business (unique)

1. Maintain what you have and build on it

You surely already have a faithful clientele. Make sure you keep it and build on it. Continue providing top-quality products and services! If your “old” customers are satisfied, their satisfaction will bring “new” ones for sure! Even in a digital-oriented world, mouth to mouth marketing keeps functioning just as well.

2. Turn your Business into a Brand

You might own a store or a website, maybe you call it business… Whatever the case might be, you should take your luxury floral business and transform it into a brand. Brand means uniqueness and personalization. Don’t limit yourself to a product-oriented marketing and way of thinking. Create a context. To think of you when people think of flowers is good; to think of you when they envisage luxury is ideal!

3. The WEB

Presence on the web is essential! Keep your website modern, functional and updated! Upload your products! Be a part of platforms and webpages that promote new services and new types of shopping (check out Google Nest, Amazon Echo & the Metaverse).

4. Social Media

Social Media has become the space where all our needs, wishes and searches are being covered. Florist social media marketing will make a difference! Instagram, Tik Tok or Facebook. Follow, be followed, tag, publish and share. Nobody dislikes the scent of luxury!

Florist Social Media Ideas

Post creative content, keep us informed about your next projects, ideas and plans. Make us a part of your everyday luxury floral world! Remind us why you are great at what you do! Just keep in mind that right now, the IG trend is all about short powerful videos!

5. Make great Offers

Make offers! Give gifts! Surprise your customers! Give them a smile when they least expect it. Offer loyalty roses! Offer mothers a flower on Mothers’ day. Extend gracefully your luxury, and people will come back faster than you would think!

6. Stay Relevant!

Study, travel, gather knowledge that will enrich your brand (we’ll never call it business again!). To lead and innovate, you must know where the industry stands and what it offers. Search for new kinds of flowers and floral architecture techniques, make your packaging sustainable, keep your physical space always pleasant and hospitable. Experiment with new Marketing techniques (Scent Marketing will fit like a glove to your Luxury Floral Business). Don’t just adapt, make others adapt to your highest standards! Deep knowledge – from the root to the petal – will open your doors wide to a stunning future.

7. Capitalise on your Differences

Your brand is something that the others are not. When they see your website, visit your store or check your social media, people must see something they cannot identify with the competition. The Florist marketing ideas that will help you colour-bright your differences are almost endless!

8. Up up! Upgrade

Take Luxury and reshape it. Luxury can get updated and upgraded. It is mouldable! Modernise it! Bring it to actuality. Democratise it. More customers won’t render you less exclusive; it will make your brand’s luxurious qualities more inclusive!

9. Luxury is a Choice!

Most people think of something restricted when thinking of luxury. But is it true? Luxury is a feeling, a choice, a way to live be. Make it clear that Luxury is there for those who really want it! It is not an impossible thing, it is possible and reachable!

A high end flower shop business plan will play a huge role if you are searching for ways to stand out, grow, reach a wider audience, communicate your uniqueness! It will allow you to rise higher in an ecosystem that is challenging and demanding.

Examples of Florist Brands Successfully Marketing Their Business

Appleyard London, Haute Florist, Floward, ProFlowers, The Bouqs Company, Serenata Florist and Farmgirl Flowers are some Examples of florist brands that are successfully advertising and marketing their products. These brands use intelligently various tools and strategies like: Social media, Influencer marketing, Carousel ads., Creative copy and Good offers among others. Your luxury brand could be one of them. Actually, you can do even better!

Premium Flower Shop Marketing plan

Final Thoughts

To adopt and follow a Premium Flower Shop Marketing plan is a perfect strategy to bloom and rise in a growing, but demanding, sector! Use it wisely, as a strategic roadmap, and you will be able to compete – on equal terms – and thrive!

Every flower carries in its scent a story. Reveal it! Today’s marketing is about experiences, memories, feelings, senses, comfort and a general state of well-being. Create your Luxury brand story and tell it, share it. If it is well-written, people will want to hear it! …And if at any point you feel you need some help, don’t worry! There are experienced professionals that can accompany you to a mind-blowing marketing experience.



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