It is normal for us, mere mortals, to make mistakes; our vulnerability, fallibility and unreliability make us do silly things, in life as on Instagram.

Therefore, we are (kind of) excused when posting photos of Starbucks Frappuccinos, pets doing pets’ things, or food.


But what about famous luxury brands, with massive budgets, an army of creative minds and technology wizards working in fancy offices in fancy areas, which are suppose to be the avant-garde of a new movement that will change – and eventually save – the world? Yes, they post silly things on Instagram, as well.


Three things luxury brands should avoid, when using Instagram – especially considering that the average user is not a 75-year-old spinster living with cats, collecting Royal Family paraphernalia.


Wrong or confusing iconography

Icons are often used to show the inspiration behind a collection, or the ideal brand ambassador. So, when it comes to fashion, we usually see photos of Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Alright. Good.

So what is Frida Kahlo – an active communist, a tortured soul and a person uninterested in fashion – doing on Tory Burch’s Instagram account, next to a picture of two fashionistas, whose caption says ‘A serious discussion about the color pink.’?



I know Burberry is an iconic brand which embodies the esprit of London and so on and so forth, but from a ground-breaking brand, investing heavily in social media, with potentially unlimited firepower, you would expect something more than “Hey, let’s take pictures of London. Like, what about a photo of Tower Bridge??”

How exciting. Wow.


Posting pics that collide with your brand’s philosophy

Christian Loboutin – wheter you like it or not – is a genius, and the company’s website – whether you find it tacky or not – is amazing: it portraits a unique brand in a unique way, in a sort of marshmallow + lust + weird iconography + exotic drugs kinda trip.

Now look at their dull, boring, colourless, flat, soporific and tedious Instagram. Spot the difference?

What do you think?

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