What does a good product page look like?

A big CTA, good imagery, product description… perhaps your eCommerce product page has those essential features. You are proud of your products and have generous offers.

But you are worried that none of them appear on the first page of Google. This is a bit tricky because a standardised eCommerce product page is NOT necessarily SEO-friendly.

Boring product pages are invisible

Product pages are the pillar of your eCommerce site. They do the most crucial job – talk consumers into purchasing the products.

So if your product page is invisible, it means it’s not unique/persuasive enough.

Like I already said, SEO needs a lot of creative thinking. And it has to be integrated into every aspect of your product page.

A quick SEO checklist for product page

  • Images

Our brains can process information much more efficiently through visual images. In a product page, images are the strongest selling point.

So it is always nice to have large, sharp and high-res product images taken from different angles.

S-dress’s – Fashion eCommerce product page

A sophisticated image not only makes a page rich in content. A licensed image can also help others use your image and link back to your e-commerce site.

Also, don’t forget to tell Google’s search engine what the image is about by adding relevant keywords.

  • Product description

So you have prominent product title with focus keywords. Marvellous!

Now, let’s talk business – how about your product description?

If image is about giving a good first impression, then the description is about impressing the people with your personality. In other words, your uniquely written content should be the differentiator from your competitors. Remember, a good content keeps customers coming back.

  • User-generated content (UGC)

User reviews, ratings and/or Q&A make a product page more unique.

No UGC because you are afraid of negative comments? You shouldn’t be. Having no reviews at all is not making anything better. On the other hand, having too many positive comments will only make your product page smell fishy.

  • Sanctuary – Beauty eCommerce product page


When you have many product pages, product URLs tend to get messier. Having categories and sub-categories in product URL will cause duplicate product pages. You can simply use rel=”canonical” tags or include a product code and name in the URL (Moz).

  • UX design

I wish there was a shortcut to SEO. Unfortunately SEO for product page requires detailed – and often complex – practices. But Google algorithm continues to evolve, giving us new ways to optimise.

Today, SEO is becoming more interrelated to UX design (and there are dedicated – geeky – professional guys for this!).

Yes, apparently Google algorithm has decided to include good UX as one of the markers of relevance and usefulness, says Portent.

So a bad UX design, such as overwhelming visual structure or too many social buttons, can negatively affect your product page’s performance on search engine, says Moz.

SEO checklist for product page, fashion eCommerce

Boutique.ru – Fashion eCommerce product page

Ok, these are just the tip of the SEO iceberg. But they are pretty basic ones that would make a significant different.

What do you think?

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