Instagram is one of the most popular platforms where social media is concerned. For that reason alone, there are more users on Instagram than ever before and that means there’s more competition.

Instagram users spend an average of 30 minutes per day on the platform in 2020. 81% of people use Instagram to help research products and services. In relation to other platforms, Instagram has been downloaded approximately 3.8 billion times. It’s the fourth most downloaded app in the 2010s.

Instagram ads require more attention to detail in order to make them stand out amongst the other social media profiles that feature on the person’s newsfeed.

Without a focus on the design of an advertisement, it’s going to miss out on the engagement. That can also mean the money you spend on ads is not being utilised properly. So how do you create attention-grabbing Instagram ads to achieve stellar sales?

Why brands must focus on Instagram Ads

Brands can benefit from focusing on Instagram advertisements because there are so many people that use the platform. As of July 2021, there were 28.81 million Instagram users in the UK.

It’s not only a popular platform for the younger audience like the Millennials and the Gen-Z generations but it offers the most versatility. From stories to reels, IGTV and IG Live, there are multiple channels on the platform that brands can advertise on and each one has its advantages.

9 tips to create attention-grabbing Instagram ads

Creating an attention-grabbing Instagram advertisement could be the difference between it receiving more engagement than any of your previous ones before. It pays to add detail and to find what works for your target audience in order for them to click on it or engage with it in some way.

1. Keep text to a minimum

Overcomplicating the advertisement is likely going to mean your audience disengage with it. Instead, try to keep text to a minimum and focus on getting the message across more through the photo. If it’s a video, then captions are the only text necessary.

2. Use high-quality imagery

High-quality imagery is a must because if it’s nothing short of crystal clear, then it’s likely going to be met with some distaste. A lot of consumers nowadays expect great quality when it comes to the visual content they see on a daily basis, online and offline.

3. Ditch the branding

Even though some branding visuals can work, it might not always be suitable to stick over your logo or go-to branding theme.

Avoid branding and instead focus on the colour palettes you wish to incorporate to make the ad more eye-catching.

4. Consider using video

Video is one of the most popular forms of visual content nowadays. According to the Renderforest survey, 78% of advertisers get more traffic to their websites when using videos.

Advertisements that have video content are likely to be more engaged with as a whole.

5. Turn off sound for mobile users

Cater to the mobile user, simply because a lot more people will watch and engage with ads on Instagram via their mobile phones. With mobile phones, the sound will often blast out when they stop on the ad, so turn off the sound where it’s optional.

6. Use subtitles on videos for accessibility

Accessibility is a big thing for online users, especially as there is a big market of users that have some form of disability, whether it be hard of hearing or visual impairments.

Use subtitles for accessibility, particularly for those who may not be able to hear the sound of a video.

7. Create shoppable posts

If you’re asking yourself, how do you promote sales on Instagram? Create shoppable posts!

These are a great way to maximise sales and to capture those customers that weren’t initially intending to buy or were window-shopping on the platform.

8. Utilise user-generated content

A lot of brands are making use of user-generated content, especially as many of them that create this content are often fit for advertisements. Make sure you ask the user to advertise the picture but also compensate them where applicable.

9. Test the advertisement in front of your target audience

Finally, test the advertisement in front of your target audience. What reaction does it get? Getting any feedback is crucial to making sure you’ve added enough detail and you’ve got the right formula to capture your audience’s attention.

Hopefully, these creative Instagram ad tips will make your next one even more engaging than the last.

Five best performing Instagram Ads

So how do you make a good Instagram ad? With over one billion people using Instagram every month, it’s a primary choice for marketers to utilise.

Are Instagram ads worth it? You only need to look at some of the best performing ads below to see the influence that one ad can have on a business.

Showcasing the product, rather than supplying a static picture, is always going to be more engaging.

best performing Instagram Ads
Image Source: warbyparker |

When it comes to items of clothing or something you can showcase in a video, it’s worth doing. With Warby Parker, they demonstrated the blue-light glasses range with this interesting video.

Who doesn’t love or love to hate Gordan Ramsey? He’s like marmite and when it comes to influential celebrities or influencers, it’s always worth adding them to an advertisement - just like Masterclass did.

Masterclass instagram ad
Image Source: masterclass |

It’s made even better because it’s a video that also contains captions. Despite the hefty price tags that come with these courses, the ad garnered quite a substantial amount of views.

A great way to grab attention is by offering something more than just a visual. JustFab did a giveaway for their tenth anniversary and who doesn’t want the opportunity of winning something?

justfab instagram ad
Image Source: JustFab |

Whilst serving as a great visual advertisement, it also helps encourage more people that may not have been customers, to begin with, to engage with the ad.

Staying current with the ongoing events happening in the world, I.D. Sarrieri were one of many to create their own line of fashionable face masks even though they mainly sell lingerie.

ID Sarrieri instagram ad
Image Source: I.D. Sarrieri |

This is an advertisement that cleverly plays on the emotions of the consumer that for many, are all concerned with contributing to the spread of coronavirus. They also have a handy ‘shop now’ button for quick purchases.

A ‘smart’ way to use colour to draw in the eye of the user. PetSmart created this fun-loving video that’s bursting with colours, making it impossible to draw yourself away from it.

PetSmart instagram ad
Image Source: Petsmart |

It’s a great example of creating content that will likely stop you in your scrolling tracks, or have you going back to query what the ad was.

Trial and error will result in high-performing ads

A brand must be willing to test and see what works for them when it comes to Instagram advertisements. Having an Instagram advertising strategy can also be a good way of managing your content schedule and making sure you’ve got regular ads being churned out on a weekly or daily basis.

Whilst it can become an expensive advertising method paid advertising online is a lot more affordable than most traditional media advertising. It’s worth your time and money to improve upon your Instagram advertising in 2022.



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