New technologies are opening different doors for retailers and entrepreneurs are full of interesting ideas. According to GEM national report , more than 100 million startups are launched every year, which is about 3 startup per second. Who should we keep an eye on in 2019? These are the fastest growing and most promising startups right now:


London-based fashion startup uses AI engine to make a styling decision for all customers. It decides on what looks good together and offers shopping suggestions based on the existing items from your wardrobe. When personal shopping is often too expensive for some, Intelistyle may be a great solution, giving its users free advice.

A founder and CEO of the company- Kostas Koukoravas explains: “Whenever I go shopping online or in store, I end up browsing through hundreds of irrelevant clothes, so I started thinking there must be a better way to do this.” According to Launching Next, company’s demo achieves 80% accuracy when competing against the choices of human high street stylists. Worth checking!

Total Funding: $769.6K

Employees: 1-10


Their message “I want to be treated like a case number, not a person- Said no one, ever.” speaks for itself. Gladly enables businesses to create personalized experiences for customers, no matter what the industry is. It has a solution to help companies build stronger connections with customers, without treating them as ticket numbers or cases. It is worth keeping an eye on this company who has already helped big businesses such as jetBlue, to keep up legendary customer service.

Joseph Ansanelli, a co-founder of the company explains: “If a customer emails one day and calls the next, the agent handling the phone call sees the customer’s email from the day before-along with every other contact that they’ve made with the company.”. You may want to implement this support system, if you are a current business owner!

Total funding: $63M


Trip Actions

According to CNBC, this travel management company raised $51 million to help fuel global expansion. They offer personalised booking experience for each traveller, making business trips super easy. They meet company’s wants as well as travellers needs. Trip Actions clam that their customers save an average of 34% on hotels, which is a win-win for everyone

Ariel Cohen, a CEO of the company says: “We mean it when we say our solution is so good, we want to make sure we are bringing it to as many companies, as many employees as possible.” Why haven’t you signed up yet?

Total funding: $231.5M

Employees: 501-1000


Looking for the perfect spot for the next conference that you have to organise? This online marketplace offers a stress-free service and helps users find a perfect venue for work, meetings and events. It gives users access to several different venues in more than 15 different cities in the UK. Visitors can browse handpicked top spaces to hire suitable for any occasion, such as party, team away days, private dining, screening, conferences and even photography and recording studios.

Andrew Needham, CEO and founder of HeadBox says: “HeadBox is on a mission to reinvent the global events industry through technology and the funds we’ve raised will be invested to accelerate our position as the industry leader in the UK digital event booking market.

Total funding: $9.8M

Employees: 1-10


Their approach is to “Improve the way you make plans”. Fever is a mobile app and social delivery that provides with a curated list of the most exciting events, things to do and to see in your city, tailored just for you. It has become one of the most popular methods to organise a day or a night out. The suggestions are available for 12 different cities around the world and include categories such as nightlife&concerts, cinema&theatre, culture&fashion, wellness&sport, brunch and also- free stuff.

According to Business Insider, a CEO of the company, Pep Gomez received funding from top investors including Flickr CEO Bernardo Hernandez and Jeff Pulver an early investor in Twitter and Foursquare.

Total funding: $39.3M

Employees: 51-100

With 50% failure rate in the first four years, it is hard to predict the success of a startup. According to, top factors behind startup failure are usually inappropriate team, no market need, strong competition and lack of cash. The companies that we have listed are worth watching, because they use compelling selling propositions, they have an excellent marketing strategy and revolutionizing ideas using the latest technology solutions, such as AI. We believe the future is in their hands!



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