Are you wondering why you are not getting more subscribers?

Whether your CTA is to get people to subscribe for newsletter or to follow on Twitter, there seems to be one common problem.

You probably got a beautiful website with good navigation (If it’s responsive, even better.)

But getting more subscribers these days is a tough job.

As you know, there is an endless influx of emails to people’s inbox every day. It is becoming more and more challenging to tempt people into signing up for your newsletter.

Ok, should we just forget about email marketing and switch to more effective sorts?

Actually many companies tend to neglect their newsletter marketing. That means there are unexplored opportunities for your brand to grab, if done right!

The Golden Rules

There seem to be some rules that marketers tend to agree on.

  • Don’t keep your CTA a secret – If you have one, don’t hide it. If it is marginalised in the corner, it is more likely to be overlooked by the viewers (see more on Precision Marketing). Use contrasting colours or a grid style to make it more obvious!
  • Give some incentive – Apparently, just asking people to subscribe is not enough. ‘Sing up for our newsletter’ is boring. You will need a better argument than that. So why not consider offering them ‘immediate benefits’? Something that gives more value – special discounts, ebooks or free guide/checklist (see more on Clickz and flyte).
  • ‘Build credibility’ – If you already got quite an amount of subscribers, then show them off – “Join the over 10,000 subscribers”. Show how many subscribers enjoy the quality of your newsletters . Just adding more tangible number can encourage visitors to be part of large community.
  • Get diversified newsletters – You can create specific call-to-actions, says Entrepreneur. In other words, specific newsletters that speak to groups with particular interests.
  • Great content – At last but not the least, don’t forget that your content is the most decisive factor. At the end of the day, it’s all about great content. As long as you keep the relevant content, then your followers will be more likely to read your newsletters on a regular basis, says Entrepreneur. Whereas if you only try to get visitors using offers, then they will read only when they are in temporary need of your product. Next week they are total strangers.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’

Ok so there we go, we know the rules. But something is missing – creativity and originality!


What’s special about this CTA is its grid style design, making its footer subscribe box more visible and highlighted.

Blue Apron

This CTA clearly tells its viewers what to expect.  The rich images of food and recipes show what you will get if you subscribe. So no room for disappointments. 


Don’t let your subscribe box or follow us button shy away. Make it super easy for your visitors to find it on your landing page.

The background image is simple. It actually matches very well with what they do. Neat, powerful and straight to the point.


Very clean and simple CTA box right at the centre of a landing page. And you kind of guess what kind of stuff you will get after you sign up for their products. Nothing that confuses the viewers.


Want to think outside the box? – here we go, something a bit more creative. Use of arrows are supposed to help a CTA box stand out. But not so many use a pointing finger and motion pictures (yet). Again, clear, simple and straight to the point – but with more creativity.


It’s the first thing you’ll see – before you land on its web page. Then, viewers get to choose to leave their email address or simply skip to the home page by clicking ‘continue onwards’. The simple and easy. Besides its doesn’t really annoy anyone.

Final Thoughts

Now have a look at your CTA and compare… Great ideas are meant to be shared. Is your call-to-action obsolete? Is it lacking creativity? Then maybe it’s time to redesign it!



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