The Gender Gap in Social Media

Women are dominating social media platforms.

Currently 76 percent of women in U.S. use Facebook, compared with only 66 percent of male.

Ok, maybe not so surprising.

But women are also leading the top visual social media. Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. All are the fastest-growing social media networks.

The digital dominance of women

Women and men interact differently with brands. Women are more active in brand engagement. And they tend to consume more news.

But there is one exception. 24% of men use LinkedIn, comparing with only 19% of women.

Two takeaways for brands

It’s not so difficult to figure out. The dominance of female audience in social media is likely to remain – both inside and outside of U.S.

But that doesn’t mean that brands shouldn’t neglect their male consumers. They should re-think its social media strategy to engage men more often.

Infographic taken from Entrepreneur



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