With 1.5 billion downloads worldwide, TikTok has become one of the fastest growing social media apps. Users can make the most of the platform and choose from a variety of different songs, sounds from TV shows, filters, hashtags, take part in challenges and reproduce memes.

TikTok has already become a viral phenomenon, but during the Covid-19 pandemic where most countries are on lockdown and people are practicing social distancing, it has not only helped with providing a daily dose of entertainment, but also with exchanging positive views and ideas to help adjust to a new lifestyle, cope with boredom, and support one another.

As we all come together to fight the spread of the virus, we have prepared a list of optimistic campaigns and hashtags that the TikTok community has created in the face of this unexpected crisis. During the darkest moments, people have the ability to create things that produce great amounts of light, and here’s just a few that have done this recently.

#HappyAtHome: LIVE!

Starting with Coachella, Ultra Music Festival or Tomorrowland Winter, the majority of festivals and events have had to be cancelled to help battle Covid-19. In order to help fill this gap, TikTok has partnered up with many celebrities and talented creators to bring live entertainment to users. These live experiences take place every evening and include inspiring motivational talks, educational Q&A sessions, workouts, cooking tips, makeup tutorials and music performances featuring top artists such as Alicia Keys, Jason Derulo and DJ Khaled.

Moreover, starting on the 17th April, TikTok has planned to livestream a “Music Lives” festival featuring performances from over 50 artists. TikTok believes this will not only help embrace the importance of social distancing, but also bring some comfort and offer feelings of connection to people at what is considered to be a very lonely moment. Go ahead and check the weekly #HappyAtHome: LIVE! here.


Most people are now having to work from home to help battle the virus and flatten the curve. One of the most popular hashtags with over 1.5B billion views is the #WorkFromHome moments. Whether you are struggling with added pressure, need advice on how to work from home effectively or just want to inspire others on how to stay focused and adjust to the current situation, this is your chance to share your thoughts and be creative at the same time.


With the majority of schools, universities and other educational facilities closing their doors at the present time, lots of people have now started online classes and digital tutoring in order to continue their learning efforts. Here we can all laugh at how some are coping with this sudden shift into online lecturing as well as possibly learn something in the process.


If you are looking for book reviews and recommendations to kill some time during quarantine, visit #BookClub on TikTok. Explore what others are reading and share what you’ve recently read, all without leaving the comfort of your home. It’s another way of becoming part of a wider social community in what can be a stressful or lonely situation for some.


Whilst many sports events have been postponed indefinitely, Team GB has taken the opportunity to move them from the TV screen and instead bring them into the comfort of our homes, letting us share our ideas of training for a marathon, while raising awareness of how to best fight the virus. So, get going and show the world what you can do!


Spread awareness and give a shoutout to all healthcare professionals that are working day and night to fight Coronavirus. This movement encourages people to show some appreciation and respect towards people who are saving lives daily during the outbreak.


Every Thursday at 8pm the community has a chance to say thank you to all heroes that make a huge impact on our lives in these challenging times, such as emergency services, healthcare workers, delivery services, manufactures, teachers and engineers. Join the movement and #ClapForOurCarers.

Brands on TikTok

Now that we have an overview of the hashtags being utilised to spread awareness and positive thoughts around the world, let’s review some of the top brands and the ways they are entertaining and engaging with their followers on TikTok.


Whilst most of the retail stores remain closed, brands are shifting their efforts towards innovative digital experiences to keep their audiences engaged. Before the outbreak most of us enjoyed those weekly or monthly trips to beauty stores where we could test products and appreciate these in store experiences.

To combat this, Sephora now plays the role of a virtual beauty assistant, allowing you to test products online, share home skin care routines, beauty tips and video reviews of different products featuring influencers all while highlighting their products and brand identity.

World Health Organisation

Partnering with WHO, TikTok organised livestream sessions full of thoughtful advice, life tips and answers to concerns relating to the current situation. These educational videos are also available to the public on the WHO TikTok channel where you can stay up to date with all news related to Covid-19 as well as featuring tips on how to stay healthy.


ASOS’ channel on TikTok is full of humorous videos and advice related to self-isolation, from workout tips and make up tutorials to home outfit reviews and product recommendations. It’s a great place to watch some inspiring content and find those tips you’ve all been searching for.

Final Thoughts

This is a difficult time for us as a whole, but it’s also possible to share positive thoughts and views that can bring us even closer together. The main purpose of these campaigns is to show the importance of social distancing, bring joy to one another and build some genuine connections that can bring people together as a community. At this time TikTok has brought us inspiration, joy and comfort of having such variety of content in front of our eyes.

At Appnova we also support our clients and anyone who reaches out to us for advice by spreading positive views, quickly adjusting marketing strategies and responding digitally to the current situation.



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