To Vine or not to Vine – that’s the question. Yes, we’ve already talked about brands on Instagram video, Vine and other animals.

But this time a bit different aspect – business corporations on Vine and other social video platforms. While many fashion or food brands are growing their fan base on Vine or Instagram Video, most corporations still skimp on video social marketing. Probably because traditional corporate video marketing tended to be tedious and tasteless – purely informative. Besides, when it comes to a platform like Vine, the issue of creativity is on the table. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be artists, musicians or some eccentric individuals to shine on Vine.

The Unexplored Potential

Both Vine and Instagram Video are used alongside Twitter and Facebook respectively, according to Social Media Today. There’re over 130 million users in Instagram Video, mostly coming from its traditional photo-sharing service. Vine, which came later, has more than 40 million users, signalling a much faster growth than Instagram. Both have a young, tech-savvy demographic. What does it mean? They represents the future customers, employees or other types of stakeholders in the next decades. So there is a strong incentive for every company, given to the scale of audience. That’s for sure. Besides these platforms serve a better way of connecting with customers and a more engaging storytelling.

Some Good Efforts

One of the dilemma businesses face is to be professional, yet fun and creative at the same time.  They sound like the other sides of poles. But they don’t always have to be. You probably know how GE is rocking it on Vine (while NASA is the king of Instagram Video). But here are some more, trying to catch up it on Vine.

Using Vine as a customer service tool? That’s a good start. It’s even better if there’s creative animation. Vine can kill two birds with one stone. In other words, be useful by responding customers quickly and be creative to put a smile on their faces (see Twitter Blog).

So you don’t need a magic trick to leave a good impression.

#Cisco – information + fun

This one is more recent. Cisco’s Vine occasionally features animated infographics – offering some informative aspect. So the mix of both informative and creative could be the key to successful video marketing.

But Cisco was actually getting more likes last year with this folk. Videos like this simply gets more attention.

The Weather Channel – a behind-the-scene look

Just like in many social media, users are pretty interested in a company’s behind-the-scene look. This weather channel in Atlanta gives ‘a sense of intimacy, dependency, and identity’ of their services by showing the staff working behind the scene (see Shopify). It is a smart and engaging way to communicate its corporate culture to the viewers.

Corporations + #Hashtags

Yep, hashtags will be likely to stick around. And companies might as well utilise it – but don’t overdose it.

Similarly, HubSpot also uses hashtags to promote a campaign.

But perhaps corporations can start working on more user-generated contents.

Think about what people expect

6-second rule is tricky if you want to convey a corporate message. But think about what people expect from 6 second videos. They don’t always expect a compelling story. People go on Vine to see something fun and quick, hoping that will put a smile on them. On the other hand, corporate storytelling becomes more effective on 15-second Instagram videos. In fact, most people go on Instagram to see photos of what their friends are doing (Venturebeat). What really helps corporations capitalise on video platforms is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each platform. I’m sure businesses are good at this kind of exercise. Are you looking to create a video that instantly creates laughter, or to get a story across? So ask yourself these questions: who is my audience, what kind of content to produce, and where do people expect to find that? (Read more on Marketingprofs.)

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