Does your logo visually communicate with your consumers?

Does your logo offer a sense of trust? Or can it put a smile on consumers’ face?

Powerful logos can actually ‘trigger an emotional response’, says Brand Story.

Not just that. Apparently, exposure to specific logos like Apple and IBM can shift our behaviours (Brand Story, Wall Street Journal). A study carried out by researchers at Duke shows that ‘people who were flashed the Apple logo for 30 milliseconds performed more creatively than those who saw the IBM logo’.

Ok, maybe there is a bit of exaggeration here. I don’t think staring at the metal-looking apple icon for hours is going to make me think like Steve Jobs (trust me, I’ve tried).

But few would deny that big brands’ logos can overcome cultural borders and language barriers. They don’t need words – logos do most of the work for you to communicate and build up relationship with viewers.

Depends on the colours they use, a logo can trigger a totally different response from consumers. Over time, we have developed ‘a strong correlation between colours and emotional responses’ (see webdesignerdepot). Imagine if Apple’s logo was pink. Or Channel in purple? Would that influence your decision to buy their products?

Of course an amazing-looking logo is NOT everything. It’s not going to replace your customer service. But it certainly helps a business build up relationship and position itself in a market place.

So the big brands must have invested so much on logo design, right? Not always the case! This infographic reveals the power of logos.

Images: The history of Penguin Books’ logo from The Terrier and Lobster , Entrepreneur 




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