Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

Have you ever watched Power Rangers? (Those wearing colourful tight suits.)

If yes, you know how each of them got its own superpower. (If not, imagine Avengers minus cute faces and fancy costumes.)

Each strength is useful in distinctive ways. But they also need to be united to exert collective power.

In a way,  similar power dynamics can be found in content marketing.

Ideally, there should be a dedicated content marketing team. A content strategist, graphic designer, social media director, SEO strategist, etc.

Each of them has their own role. Yet they need to work together throughout the way. So that they don’t start killing each other(’s creativity).

Content marketing is, comparatively, a new business strategy. But it is on the rise.

In UK, 97% of B2C marketers are using it (Content Marketing Institute).

64% of UK marketers plan to raise content marketing expenditure.

But do they all have a key process consolidating ideas?

In other words, powerful content marketing strategy is the key to every success on social media, blogs, etc.

Just have a look at this infographic by Vertical Measures.

What do you think?

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