London has become the top destination for global property investors, surpassing New York.

Therefore, London’s luxury property websites should be upgraded to look dapper.

New tax regulations and prospective increases in interest rate will make buyers more cautious. In fact, house prices are starting to cool down in August, says the Independent.

However, with the right digital solutions, real estates can connect their luxury products to the right buyers.

  • Tell a story

So you have a website that lists all your properties. Sweet.

But that’s not enough.

Modern digital marketing means communicating the right products to the right people. You are not selling identical houses in suburbs. Each of your high-end property is unique, representing an exclusive lifestyle.

Luxury villas in Oahu are quite different from 5 star apartments in the Swiss Alps. So what are the unique features of each property? The amenities? How about the neighborhoods?

So it is crucial that your luxury property website convey the story of each luxury property, using the right design, user interface, copy and beautiful imagery. 

  • Who are you talking to?

When developing a website, you don’t want to exclude your target buyers in the process.

You can flaunt your beautiful properties to everyone. But that’s not quite your objective when it comes to website marketing. Your overall marketing goal is to target the right consumers – i.e., people who can afford it.

Therefore your website needs to mirror the lifestyles and motivations of prospective buyers. For example, if they value ‘trust’ more than offers, then your website has to demonstrate that.

  • Search is everything

The first thing most users do on property website is to search for properties. So your search function has to be useful and effective.

Remember, the users have complex needs. If you are selling the same model of printers, then that might have been easier. But if you are selling luxury properties of distinctive types, locations and characteristics, then effective product findability is indispensable.

Don’t underestimate what an excellent search function can do to increase your sales. Just imagine how many users you might lose because they can’t find the right properties straightaway without the right filters.

Badly designed search function will easily drive the users away to competitors.

  • Make it fast and responsive

Probably these are the most basic things for a well-functioning website.

Today the majority of people use smartphones or tablets for browsing. So your website needs to respond to all kinds of screens.

Also your website needs to be fast enough to compete with your rivals as your users are likely to compare different property websites simultaneously. 

  • Make it more sociable

It is unsurprising that luxury and social actually work together. Today, luxury consumers are more active on social media to ‘communicate’ with brands.

Social media can give a little push to your business. It allows you to showcase more exclusive images of properties to build up your brand personality. You can also tweet updates in property market regularly on Twitter to demonstrate your expertise.

By using statistical information, you will also be able to balance between ‘brand awareness’ (approachable) and ‘brand exclusivity’ (luxury), says My RealityTimes. 

What do you think?

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