Since its inception in 2016, the TikTok platform has grown tremendously. Statista said the average number of platform users in 2021 was 78.7 million. A social media channel can be a valuable opportunity for luxury brands to find and engage their target audience.


TikTok offers many opportunities for luxury brands, including collaborations with influencers, paid campaigns, and content creation that has taken root from behind-the-scenes videos to LIVE events. Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Fenty Beauty, among others, are all paving the way for luxury brand TikTok.

There's no doubt that fashion and beauty brands belong on TikTok, but luxury brands have so far been reluctant to participate in the social media platform praised for its relevant, unvarnished content. But that no longer applies.

The luxury of TikTok is growing as luxury brands see an opportunity to connect with young audiences, connect more deeply with customers and prioritize digital experiences. Gen Z's favorite social media platform is TikTok, and they have the fastest-growing consumer base. By 2025, 130% of the growth in luxury personal items will come from Gen Z. Even better, TikTok users would like to see more storytelling for luxury brands on TikTok.

Why Market Your Luxury Brand on TikTok?

TikTok is popular with young users, with nearly two-thirds of its users coming from Gen. Z. TikTok's connection with a young audience makes it a potential sales channel for luxury brands around the world. A recent report found that Gen Z is set to be one of the top spenders in the luxury industry by 2025, accounting for 20% of net luxury spending.

Another critical perspective for luxury brands is that more than 85% of luxury purchases are influenced by digital content and marketing efforts. Luxury brands with a strong online presence can use their digital footprint to increase sales.

Now, imagine what you could achieve with your brand?

Strategies to Dominate TikTok as A Luxury Brand

A growing number of luxury brands are already harnessing the power of TikTok's explosive impact and viral reach. Here are some TikTok marketing strategies that brands can use for better digital reach.

Create content directly

Luxury brands can communicate directly with their users through their TikTok brand accounts. Some of the leading luxury brands that do this include Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Alice + Olivia.

Influencer collaboration

TikTok influencers offer a reputable strategy for luxury brands to reach a wider audience base. Many brands work with influencers to increase their organic reach.

Working with influencers requires three simple steps.

  • Work with influencers who have the right following.
  • Create content that suits the influencer's and brand's followers.
  • Participate in promotions across multiple platforms.

TikTok paid promotions

Another strategy for luxury brands is to run paid TikTok campaigns. Branded Augmented Reality (AR) allows companies to create custom-branded filters, lenses, or even stickers for users. TikTok users can open these filters as lenses by creating a video with a hashtag or mention of the brand.

Hashtag challenges

A brand can sponsor a hashtag, and TikTok encourages users to use it to create content. Brands can offer promotional products or other prizes to top content creators in campaigns.

Examples of Luxury Brands Leveraging TikTok

Brands involving TikTok are likely to increase the level of customer interaction and conversion metrics. Some luxury brands are already taking advantage of TikTok's large user base, and Burberry is a perfect example.

Burberry and TikTok

Burberry held a #TBChallenge for the new Thomas Burberry monogram collection, challenging its audience to create a Thomas Burberry monogram motif design with their hands to unlock the new lens. The challenge resulted in over 57 million views and 30,000 videos created for the brand.

Your Complete Guide to Dominate TikTok as a Luxury Brand
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Gucci Also Gave It a Go

The “Gucci Model Challenge” is another example of a unique organic arrival on TikTok. Gucci generated more than 12 million views through its organic campaign, which encourages users to create videos of layered clothing.

Your Complete Guide to Dominate TikTok as a Luxury Brand
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How About Lick?

Wall paint and wallpaper brand Lick sees sustainability and its community as a driving force. Using eco-friendly products, Lick advises color consultants and decorating experts to thank their "people-driven decorating movement."

Lick products have many aspects of their content, always as a way to keep up with TikTok trends, but also to innovate DIY time and how you can create videos. The "dry look of varnish" is not this: the brand's unique "peel and stick" testers have grown as challenge props while retaining the durable properties of their ASMR-style packaging videos.

Your Complete Guide to Dominate TikTok as a Luxury Brand
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Are You Ready to Dominate TikTok?

TikTok has ushered in a new marketing era within the luxury goods industry, which will continue to grow and adapt in line with new luxury innovations.

Marketers within this space should strategically plan and execute campaigns and make them available to creators to rework for their followers and audiences. Now is the perfect time for brands to take advantage of this platform and test the strategies that work best for their needs – with the right approach, the prospects for exposure and engagement are limitless!



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