Lacking creativity?

Kids go crazy this time of the year as the Easter is approaching. Actually some adults go crazy as their creativity starts being stifled. A.k.a. brains need a bit of mid-term break too.

So this post will be a short and easy one – just for the sake of fun and creative thought.

If you are in marketing, you probably know how easily people get overwhelmed by the trend. When you are marketing a drinks brand, particularly, you need to recreate the unique taste and sensation.

Take a little break, have a look at these vintage Japanese ads – Suntory Whisky from the 1960s. They’re quite amusing.

Vintage storytelling

One of the reasons for Suntory’s success is their unique advertising.

My favourite part is how they marketed their whisky, ‘Suntory Red’. They are not just a typical ad with catchy copywriting.

Note that this was before Japanese ads gone really mad (like what you see today).

At that time, Suntory whisky was made by the Japanese, for the Japanese. But the design is timeless – even though they are from more than half a century ago.

Yap, before Photoshop came to the world. And just on time for colour televisions.

Obviously their priority is to sell – but in a less pretentious way and a hint of cultural and gender message.

There’s always a couple of lines (like a short blog) with a narrative, as if there is a person telling you a story. Like the feeling you get when chatting with an old friend.

And in almost every ad, there is a theme with a bit of twist, creating a unique atmosphere.

You probably can’t take much away from the actual messages in these ads, since we are more health conscious nowadays (and legal stuff). Anyways I hope you find the design style amusing.

The only disappointing part is that Suntory’s ads gone a bit out of control later on.

They used Hollywood actors.

1992 Suntory Commercial, feat. Sean Connery

1972 Suntory commercial – feat. Sammy Davis Jr

Suntory Time! – from Lost in Translation

Perhaps, all Japanese brands will eventually have to feature odd (with excessive twists?) advertising trend.


“Do you prepare yourself before drinking water? No you are not scared. You drink it in one gulp. Take your red in like that! Red is just a little bit heavier than water but much lighter than other usual whisky. Besides water is tasteless, while Red’s taste and flavour…oh!’’


“Announcing a brand new method to change the rainy season into sun!” “In the middle of the rainy season, the rain comes day after day… How depressing! How boring! Please put a massive block of ice in the middle of your glass and pour an ample amount of Red. This way you will taste its original soft flavour most acutely.’’ (See nonjatta)

Alright, you must be wondering what’s with whales. Hint: Drink in a dynamic way?

‘’Not only electricity can brighten a night.’’ ‘’Red can brighten a night too. Especially for those youngsters […]’’ 

‘’Bye Bye 1966! The sky is rusty with smog, but look the sun is renewed again. It’s wonderful. Happy new year. Cheers cheers cheers. Keep care of soft red this year again.’’ (See nonjatta)

What do you think?

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