Streetwear is one of the most eye-catching fashion trends of recent years. It's about making, promoting, and selling casual wear in a new way that surpasses traditional retail channels.

In general, when it comes to beauty streetwear, customers usually turn to social media to buy the brand's products. The streetwear market is huge and continues to grow, attracting the attention of some of the big established brands in the fashion industry.

Streetwear is a fast-growing industry worth an estimated $309 billion that has exploded in popularity since 2017, with a 157% increase in searches for both proprietary and non-branded streetwear terms.

Despite the rise of streetwear, it is largely unclear what the target market for aesthetic streetwear is. This article will give you tips on the target market for street fashion and how to find your target market quickly.

Streetwear Market Analysis

Shoes are an important purchasing factor. More than half (62%) of consumer survey respondents chose shoes as the most likely product to buy, followed by about a third (30%) who chose tops, including T-shirts and hoodies when it comes to the different types of streetwear.

Only 6% of consumers polled selected accessories. The general fascination with sneakers and shoes helps explain the superior performance of shoes. This industry is largely fuelled by big companies (Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc.) and many smaller brands, reinforced by constant versatility (endless collaborations), extreme versatility (the shoes can be worn with all kinds of clothes), and relative affordability. Comparison with luxury clothing.

Contrary to reported consumer wants, industry respondents typically report blankets, T-shirts, and shoes as their best-selling products at similar rates. However, when looking specifically at luxury streetwear brands, a higher proportion (72%) reported sneakers as their best-selling product, compared to 58% for T-shirts and tops. I saw. Companies that agilely introduce sneakers into their product line can meet consumer demand and tap into this market. Therefore, a strong shoes marketing strategy is crucial for capitalizing on the existing consumer fascination with footwear.

Different Streetwear Brand Marketing Ideas

It's never easy for small businesses to get foot traffic, especially in light of current global events as well as the ongoing evolution of streetwear. Physical stores are the most effective way to promote your brand and attract customers during this time. It may seem that trying to compete with an online store that offers the cheapest products after time is unsuccessful, but 86% of customers are ready to pay more for a better experience.

To help upgrade this best experience, there are many things you may like:

  • Create a loyalty program
  • Store event (safely)
  • Includes social media in promotion
  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Support your local community

These simple, proven, and tested marketing methods are ideal to provide a great customer experience for small clothing stores, a way to compete with important international brands that can be the cheapest prices that can compete with important international brands.

Streetwear Marketing Strategies

If you run a luxury brand, you might be wondering if the rules are different when it comes to marketing strategies for a fashion brand. And while there are subtle differences, recommendations for luxury brands and cheaper brands tend to come from the same region. Luxury fashion brands require customisation and a targeted marketing mindset, but so does any other type of fashion brand. Much of what we have to say about developing advertising strategies for luxury brands also applies to any other type of brand.

All that aside, here are our top 5 streetwear marketing strategies.

Personalise the customer experience

More than half of consumers want some level of personalisation before interacting with a website. That makes sense. No one found your website by accident. They found your online store through PPC ads, Instagram stories, influencer marketing, organic search results and more. They found your store with your efforts that matched their search query.

Make sure your customers understand how to use your product

Clothing is functional and visual. People see ads for pants, dresses, shirts, etc. But of course, the ad contains more than one item of clothing. Usually, this is a model or a selection of clothes, neatly arranged, attractively lit, and so on. Creating a style guide for your clothes will help your customers connect with how best to wear your clothes. Style guides are also useful for upselling, as clients want to complete the look.

Use influencers to social proof your fashion marketing

73% of millennial consumers say it's important to read other people's reviews before making a purchase. However, customers must purchase to write a review. How can you break this cycle and expand your brand with value-driven content? Invest in influencer marketing.

Create a blog that drives organic traffic to your brand

85% of millennial customers do research before buying, and 60% of this research is done on company websites. So, you need a blog. A blog that establishes professionalism as a fashion brand. Why should you encourage someone to buy your clothes or jewellery on one site and read the latest style trends on another?

What is the Target Market for Streetwear?

Knowing who to bet on when wearing streetwear isn't always easy. But after a lot of research, we have found the perfect target market for beauty streetwear. If you want to look good in streetwear, you need to target this group.

Our research shows that consumers of cosmetic clothing on the streets are mainly young people under the age of 25. The target market for streetwear aesthetics is also not the wealthiest group. These are people who make less than $40,000 a year. But that doesn't mean they don't have money to spend on top brands.

Social media primarily influences the target market for aesthetic streetwear. Therefore, you want to represent your product appropriately on the platform. However, you can connect with your consumers both online and offline. Most of them are likely to purchase products from this brand store. To find your street beauty target market, you need to look for people who think they are socially responsible. Therefore, to be successful, brand activism must be an integral part of your streetwear brand.

Some Popular Streetwear Brands

The perfect pair of shoes can only carry you. If you don't know about the best street fashion in 2022, your wardrobe will not improve. Traditionally, streetwear was reserved for those who are part of certain subcultures (i.e., skateboarders, ballers, etc.), but nowadays everyone can find a style of streetwear that they like. used to recognise and take his cutting game to the next level.

Describing classic streetwear styles, this list should open you up to new and emerging styles and expand the definition of what streetwear is. The hope is that from this list, you will find a new style to support, rock and love.

That being said, let's take a look at the best street brands:


Supreme is a New York-based streetwear brand that was born out of the skateboarding and hip hop era. It seems these days, every piece Supreme releases sell out instantly. Supreme releases their streetwear in abundance in what they call "the drop". Along with its streetwear, Supreme is known for collaborating with some of the biggest brands in the world such as Bic, Oreo, Nike, etc.

Streetwear Marketing Strategy
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Stussy was born in Southern California and originated as a fashion trend in the 1980s. Since then, it has been adopted by the skateboarding community as streetwear and skateboarding. Stussy grew in popularity and was blessed with streetwear collaborations with Nike, Supreme, Vans, and Casio.

Streetwear Marketing Strategy
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Palace is a UK-based skateboard brand that over time has become a very popular fashion brand. Drawing inspiration from the 1990s, skateboarding and pop culture, Palace collaborated with Adidas, Salomon, and Ralph Lauren. Palace releases new kits every Friday online, many of which are limited. It seems that everything the Palace offers sells out - immediately. It's hard to argue with the numbers... Palace is easily one of the best street fashion trends for 2022.

Streetwear Marketing Strategy
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New Balance

Now, when I say the name New Balance, your first thought might not be streetwear. But in the last 5 years or so, New Balance has entered the scene as a contender in the streetwear fashion category. Powered by collaborations with Stone Island, Kith, Aime Leon Dore and Joe Freshgoods, New Balance is making a name for itself in streetwear.

Streetwear Marketing Strategy
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Streetwear Marketing Plan

Small or independent fashion brands need a strong marketing plan and strategy to gain support in a crowded industry. A fashion brand's marketing plan should clearly define the target audience, timeline, and strategic goals. Ideally, a marketing strategy should include multiple media channels that work together to enable different brands to achieve their goals.

Digital media marketing strategy

A digital marketing strategy allows you to reach and interact with your audience online. Use social media to reach people and your audience. Advertising on Facebook, for example, allows you to choose the demographics and behaviours of the audience you want to reach, so it is important to know your audience in advance.

Think about the types of websites your audience will visit often and consider advertising on these sites or interacting with these sites. Start building an email list for your brand by adding an email signup form to your website, using a service like Mailchimp. Send regular emails to your audience to update them on your fashion, sales, and promotions.

Publish marketing plans

Create a print media strategy that combines social and marketing to gain exposure in magazines and other forms of publication, including blogs.

For example, if you sell children's clothing, offer a parenting magazine as a gift for readers. If you are also a parent who started your fashion business when your children were young, share stories about being an entrepreneur with young children. Also, consider in-book advertising for increased exposure.

Lifestyle marketing strategy

Develop a live event marketing strategy that allows you to showcase your brand to your target audience. Live events can include fashion shows, fashion shows or home shows. Consider presenting at trade shows, exhibitions, or other live events that reach your target audience.

For example, a clothing brand targeting teenagers might consider hosting a youth fashion show to benefit a charity and a local news agency or publication. This type of live event provides a fashion show and creates good publicity for the brand. By communicating with an interviewer, you can reach him.

Ambassador marketing strategy

Develop a marketing strategy focused on acquiring brand ambassadors to use as marketing assets. Brand Ambassadors are people who carry, promote, and distribute information about your fashion on your behalf. Brand ambassadors can be local celebrities, public figures, or outside members of your target market.

For example, if you sell popular t-shirts for 18-24-year-olds, create an ambassador program for a local college or university and have students refer others to your brand. If you sell your products online, create an automated affiliate program, using a service like Infusionsoft, where your agents get paid for each person they refer.

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The Bottom Line

Streetwear is a fashion trend that is constantly disrupting the market. He is known for his brand opposition and is a platform for social causes. When entering this market, you need to understand your target market.

This article explains which customers can focus on. It also explains the factors that play a role in the success of stylish street fashion. With information on the top trends and what you need to be successful as a streetwear brand, it's easy to succeed with your streetwear line.

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