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Recently, we have seen the rise of food blogs, internet gastronomes and some bizarre food trends. (Look at ‘Muk-bang’ that live-stream girls eating food in South Korea.)

Everyone can be critics on the Internet. As a consumer, we are increasingly relying on online reviews, in search for the exceptional ‘culinary experience’.

Although many restaurants are realising the importance of going social, most of them lack the right structure and strategy. Every single platform requires a different approach with a unique twist.

Have a look at these food brands who have fully utilised a particular social platform.

Cadbury UK on Google+

Obviously, big brands like Jamie Oliver are excellent examples of social media campaigns. But when it comes to Google+, many of them seem to be rather inactive.

Cadbury UK’s Google+ account is full of creative images, recipes, fun videos and occasional baking tutorials.

Besides their thorough research on consumer interests, they have successfully translated their findings to online interaction, using fun, playful and light-hearted content. Because chocolates are there to make you happy and smiley.

Image Source: Google+ | Cadbury

Key takeaways

• Their brand philosophy is conveyed.

• Research is ALWAYS the key to successful online interaction

• They know their audience

• They exploit the tool to the maximum – using Google Hangout etc.

Food and Vimeo

Even if you are not as big as Cadbury, you can still excel at particular social media platforms. The secret ingredient is an effective planning and strategy (not to mention mouth-watering food!).

Image Source:

These two bearded (hipstery) brothers from Brooklyn are rocking the chocolate market with their experimental approach to cocoa beans and cane sugar.

Their specialised, high-end chocolates wrapped with gorgeous packages are serving a particular market who are more health-conscious and love locally produced food.

Is their worldview also replicated on social media?

Yes. It is indeed. Their Vimeo Channel is rich in storytelling – the journey of the ingredients, the people behind the scenes and great music.




Key takeaways:

  • Simple and high-quality imagery and video
  • Never forget to tell the story

hemsley & hemsley on Pinterest

Speaking of brothers, here is another example of successful social media platform by two sisters.

While their food blog also focuses on healthier living and organic food, their social media account has a different twist. Their food images often feature fashion, travel and lifestyle – though in a rather subtle way. So if you love both food and fashion, this should make you feel right at home.

Their Pinterest page has a board dedicated to travel and holidays. Little avocados in the countryside or Lemon trees in a Greek village – travel and fashion topics are still related to their overarching theme, food.

Image Source: | hemsley & hemsley

Key takeaways:

  • Food paired with sub-topics like fashion/travel.
  • But never go off topic

Sorted food on Tumblr

Good news: you don’t have to be pretty ladies to run a successful food blog.

If Hamsley & Hamsley are targeting health-conscious, young professionals and fashion lovers, then these four best buddies are talking to those who are too lazy to spend time in the kitchen, but still want to eat good food.

These blokes have proved that cooking can be fun, entertaining, quick and tasty (and potentially less plates to wash later).

If you have a look at their Tumblr, it’s full of GIFs of them having fun cooking. It’s almost like watching a kitchen comedy really. Don’t get me wrong, their recipes also look as delicious as Jamie Oliver’s. The difference is – Sorted Food somehow looks more casual and practical.


A quick summary

In any social platforms, high-quality images are must.

But if you are aiming to go from good to GREAT, an effective and tangible strategy with a unique twist is the key.

These brands have specifically defined their audience and crafted the story, tone and atmosphere surrounding their interests.

Does your audience also love fashion? Do they like your food with coffee? Are they tech-savvy? 

What do you think?

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