Using Tumblr for marketing?

In our last blog post, we brought the tragic news about how Facebook will eventually lose its ‘unchallenged’ status in the world of social media. It is a sad truth. But the next generation just doesn’t want to hang out in a place where their parents also hang out. That’s just not cool for them.

So where do they hang out? You probably have some ideas – Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.

The reality is that people are becoming more scattered across multiple platforms.

But Tumblr is special in many ways. It represents the youngest user base like Instagram (see The Drum). But, unlike Pinterest or Instagram, the user demographics on Tumblr is almost equally split between male and female. So here we go, they seem to have the most ideal audience who will be the biggest consumer group in the next decades.

Besides, brands can show off their creativity using Tumblr’s rich functions. Unlike Facebook, Tumblr allows you to be original, allowing you to choose from various themes and formats. How is this important to market to the new generation, you ask? Our blog post on me-commerce should answer your question.

If you want to be original in the mass market, then Facebook is not always the ideal platform. Your future consumers prefer something personalised, something unique and something that differentiates them from the rest of the world. And Tumblr can help your brand tick those boxes.

Having said that, Tumblr is not the most ideal tool for SEO or ads. But ads are what young people want to avoid to see. Probably we can’t conclude that Tumblr is exclusively made for a straightforward marketing purpose. But it you utilise it well, it will certainly show off your authority in innovation and creative ideas. And hopefully young people will follow you online and offline, creating a long-term asset for your brand.

Have a look at the infographic by QuickSprout to find out the best way to utilise it.

What do you think?

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