Well-played Halloween ads featuring healthcare, hospitality and science.

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Well-played Halloween ads of all time.

Halloween is not just for kids and those who love cosplays. For brands of all industries, it’s the time when they prove that they are more creative and playful than rivals.

Do they want their ads to be clever? Yes. Scary? Yes. Fun? Yes. And impactful? Hell yeah.

So here are some examples of creative and well-played Halloween ads for different sectors.

  • Hospitality

Halloween is also the best excuse for brands to capitalise on horror and sell ‘creepy experiences’ to those who dare.

Booking.com’s ‘Stay if you dare’ offering haunted hotel experiences is the greatest example here.

well-played halloween ads


  • Universal Studios

Here is another example by Universal Studios Orland Resorts offering Halloween horror nights.

well-played halloween ads for hospitality

  • Food

Nothing more embarrasing than shrieking of fear in the cinema.

Problem solved – Chupa Chaps Singapore introduced ‘Scream Stopper’ to avoid such embarrassment.

How to use it? ‘Simply stick it into your mouth for instant protection from humiliating high-pitched squeals, shrieks and wails.’

well-played halloween ads chupa chups

well-played halloween ads for food

  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

When it comes to Halloween advertising, pharmaceuticals and healthcare can also be creative.

While Chupa Chups and other sweet brands find it easy to market their products on Halloween, some dental clinics managed to tie horror and candies together.

well-played halloween ads for dental care

Here is a Halloween ad for dental care services by a Swiss-based digital agency, Euro RSCG Zürich.

well-played halloween ads for healthcare

Another example from Westcoast, Dental Clinic.

well-played halloween ads for dental service

Oral-B released the cutest and funniest Halloween prank on ‘treats’ for kids this year. The easiest and effective way to keep your teeth white and healthy? Simple. Ban all the candies! Replace them with vegetarian / vegan friendly ones instead!

Of course the kids didn’t know it was a prank – so they did take it very seriously. But the reaction of the kids are just epic.

Speaking of Oral-B, they also came up with this creative commercial back in 2010.

To sum up what they want to say, the scariest things only happen to those who don’t clean their teeth!

By the way it is also the best time to promote the horror effect of smoking to your health. I was searching the Internet for Viagra that could help to treat erectile dysfunction. Finally, I found out information about generic Viagra 100 mg, 50 mg, 25 mg on the site http://www.trendingdownward.com/generic-viagra-ed/. I decided to buy it because there were the lowest price and the fastest delivery. They are available not in every pharmacy and the price is more expensive. I was taking them for a month. The action of generic Viagra started in half an hour after taking. ‘British online clinic HealthExpress partnered with prostheses experts to make Halloween masks that show the damage smoking can do for their “Stoptober” campaign’ last year.

Nothing more impactful than zombies walking around London, telling people to stop smoking.

well-played Halloween ads for healthcare 2

All the essentials for this coming Halloween, created by Johnson and Johnson.

well-played Halloween ads for pharmaceuticals

The Land Transport of New Zealand used this shocking ad to address the issue of drinking and driving.

well-played Halloween ads for pharma

Finally, Halloween ads from this year. 

Now, here is something more freshly made for this year’s Halloween season. IKEA’s late-opening campaign during Halloween is pretty cool – or shall I say ‘devilishly good’ as the Adweek calls it.

The ad was created by BBH Singapore, the same guys who did Ikea’s recent campaign called the Experience of the Power of a Book.


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