We work in different sectors, with different clients, with different needs and different ideas of how a website / social media campaign / eCom should be like.

Some of our clients wear ties, some sport Slayer t-shirts and bushy beards. Some want a creative approach to things, some prefer a scientific perspective.

Yet, one platform proves useful – if not fundamental – in every case, when you work together with a client: Tumblr.

It doesn’t matter if they wear a tie or play guitar in an Epic Metal band, show them a sweet Tumblr blog, and they will absolutely love it. They’ll go mental. Guaranteed. 125%.

Moreover, yes, Tumblr is good for your business.

 Here are three reasons why you should have a Tumblr blog, regardless what you sell:

  1. It’s a great marketing tool if you are trying to extend your reach and grow brand awareness
  2. It can help humanise your brand and help establish trust and customer loyalty
  3. It’s amazing for community fostering. Let’s talk about news companies, for instance. How is the Guardian using Tumblr? Lots of great images – ‘The world’s most distinctive and provocative photographs, providing a daily, visual reflection of global events’ (http://theguardianeyewitness.tumblr.com/). What about the GlobalPost? ‘Every day, GlobalPost delivers written reports, video and photography that inform and entertain, taking people to far flung places around the globe most will never visit but where events are shaping all of our lives.’ (http://globalpost.tumblr.com/) The way people (especially Millennials) perceive and consume news has changed for good, and forward-thinking news companies know it. Oh, let me just add another (amazing) one: ‘LIFE on Tumblr provides an additional outlet for LIFE.com editors to show off the best and newest features of our site, from the iconic archives to the unpublished outtakes you’ve never seen. More importantly, it’s about engaging with readers, walking in step with a community that shares our love of photography and enjoys conversing through images.’ (http://life.tumblr.com/)

Anyway, remember – ‘“Tumblr is not WordPress,” says Elite Strategies CEO Coombe, reiterating that the average Tumblr user is a “kind of a hybrid individual crossbred somewhere between an Instagram user and a freelance blogger.” In other words, the idea of posting relevant and frequent content on Tumblr is similar to that of traditional blogging, but it’s a much more visual, image-based platform than a typical corporate blog might be.’

Moreover, ‘The idea of increasing your chances of success on Tumblr by appealing to its users’ more visually-based demand for content is a sentiment that’s echoed by PR agency executive, Philip Chang. Chang says that some brands are definitely better suited to the platform than other brands, citing fashion, music, and pop-culture as popular “concepts” from which complementary brands can find an audience on Tumblr. “Whatever brand you represent, you’d better have a clear brand identity already established” before your dip your corporate toes into the waters of Tumblr, according to Chang.’

(source: Sprout Social http://sproutsocial.com/insights/4-experts-on-why-tumblr-is-essential-for-business/)

We agree with Mr. Chang, although I would go so far to say brands could even forget about their identities, on Tumblr. Once again, it doesn’t matter what you sell, just find something that is somehow related to your areas of expertise.

Let me explain this with some valid examples.

5 different sectors, 5 great Tumblr blogs.

1. Healthcare

Ok, so, this looks like a tough one, right? Wrong, mon ami.

Follow me: healthcare > medicine > science. There you go.

The blog: Under The Microscope

2. Finance

Ok, so, this looks even tougher than the previous one, right? Right, mon ami.

Solution: freak out, go weird, lose the plot, make it funny.

The words “Finance” and “Funny” have just one letter in common, nothing more, in theory, but, as usual, with the right twist you can come up with something good, like the guys below.

The blog: Strange Bloomberg Headlines

3. Drinks brands

An easy one.

Follow me: drinks > lifestyle. Easy peasy. If you sell a good product then you want to talk about excellence, if you sell a crappy product, you want to talk about excellence anyway, in order to make it sound aspirational.

The blog: Yung & Throwed

4. Property

You know already what I am about to say, right? Lifestyle, interior design, beautiful things.

The blog: Les Jolies Choses

5. Travel

No words needed, here.

The blog: Wonderous World

What do you think?

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