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Content marketing is constantly shifting in new directions, across many industries that exist online. With the introduction of new social media platforms and features, the types of content that you can share with the audience is growing.

With 82% of marketers report actively using content marketing in 2021, up from 70% last year. There are lots of new content marketing trends appearing and within the entertainment industry, there’s a lot of these trends being used.

In this article, we’ll share insight on how you can learn from the entertainment industry when it comes to content marketing. What is the content of entertainment and how do these relate to your own content? We’ve got some great content marketing tips to gain more ROI for your business in 2022.

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Why you should learn content marketing from the entertainment industry

There’s a reason why the entertainment industry is one of the biggest and it’s because it encompasses a lot of different media. Products under the entertainment content definition can range from a variety of mediums. From music to movies, books to television, it’s all content that a lot of us will engage with on a daily basis.

The entertainment industry is also one that has mastered marketing content due to knowing the needs of its consumers and for it being such an integral part of the average person’s life.

You only have to look at the statistics to see how much the entertainment and media market contribute to the UK alone. The expected growth for UK’s entertainment and media market between 2020-2024 is around 80 billion pounds. In 2020 alone, the value of the sector was estimated at 71.4 billion pounds.

Five content marketing tips from entertainment industry to gain more ROI

This sector is clearly doing something right! So how can other industries utilize this knowledge for their own content marketing in 2022?

1. Diversify your assets to increase customer

There is a lot of benefit from diversifying your assets when it comes to content creation. The more channels you can dip into, the better it can be for your online presence and brand awareness.

Some entertainment content examples may be anything from ebooks to short and long-form videos, infographics to blog posts. There are lots of different formats that content can come in and it can pay to diversify your assets. This will only do wonders for increasing your customer base too.

2. Fans love a re-run so generate the content they love

In the entertainment business, a lot of the fans of television shows love to watch re-runs and we’ve seen big corporations like Disney+ create their own platform to showcase all of the classics and new television/films available. When it comes to entertainment content ideas, inspiration can come from many of these big media organizations.

So when it comes to your content marketing, take a look at what content provided the most engagement. What did the best and what didn’t perform as well as you’d hoped? Whatever data you can pull from that, which will provide you with a better insight into what your customers are after and what will keep them engaged for longer.

3. Content is a multichannel experience so don’t be afraid of new platforms

For content marketing 2022, it’s pretty clear that content is a multichannel experience nowadays. Consumers are digesting content in a variety of ways and through channels that are constantly transforming.

There are lots of new platforms that have popped up in the last decade and so the online domain is always changing. By accepting this and pushing your exploration of new platforms, you’ll help your brand to stay current and up-to-date.

4. A good content strategy can help make sure your business remains in the spotlight

When it comes to the entertainment industry, they know how to hook their consumers to ensure they come back for more every time. That can only be achieved if you’ve got a great content strategy in place. A content strategy for ecommerce is a great way of helping maximising online sales and interest in the business in general.

A content strategy for ecommerce

If you’ve not already got a good content strategy in place, then 2022 is the year to start getting serious about your content and the variety you offer.

5. Amplify your content

Publishing great content isn’t enough. It’s all about promotion and amplifying the content so that it becomes the loudest amongst the crowd. For many brands, having an amplification strategy for your content is key.

For online advertising, you can make use of both organic advertising and paid ads. Organic advertising might be offering guest posts on other sites or collaborating with other social media handles. Paid advertising would be investing money into pushing your content out to the masses.

However, it’s important to know who your target audience is before you go spending money on paid advertising.

How these tips can help influence a brand’s content marketing

There will always be gaps in your content strategy and ways to improve on the progress you’ve been making through your own content marketing. When it comes to marketing for entertainment industry, there’s a lot that you can take from these tips to influence your own brand’s content marketing.

How marketers can learn from the entertainment industry

By diversifying your assets, one of the major benefits you’re providing to your ROI is less risk. You’re spreading the risk across several mediums, meaning if one doesn’t provide much return, you’ve got plenty of others that will make up for it.

Offering repurposed content or evergreen content that you know your audience will love, will also guarantee greater returns on your investment. Just like the marketing mix of entertainment industry, you can also utilise the multiple channels that are available to you.

In 2022, it’s vital that you’re making use of existing content marketing trends and methods, even if they’re not related to your industry. They can still be adapted to work for you and your business marketing.



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